CPA - Intermittent Fasting 6 weeks

CPA - Intermittent Fasting 6 weeks

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Get rid of that fat !! Recover your energy and tone your body through food!


It is a personalized meal plan of a 6 week duration, where fasting periods are combined with feeding periods.

This nutritional model uses fat as an energy source, which favors fat oxidation, size reduction and muscle toning.

It is personalized because the feeding window is designed especially for each person with the food, macronutritiens, calories, combinations, cycles and portions that each one needs to achieve their goal.

You will get direct access to Giancarlo through a special mail for students where you can communicate your doubts and get follow-up.

And you will be provided with the necessary adjustments to avoid stagnation. The body gets used to your diet every so often and you have to make small changes to your plan  stimulate your metabolism again.


Known as the secret of good health, it consists of combining periods of fasting with periods of food imitating the habits of hunter-gatherers.

It is postulated to return to the origin since it is known that part of the development of various diseases is due to the fact that we are overeating and feeding in modern times.

Fasting, together with a proper personalized food guide, promotes cell regeneration, increased energy and better health.


After completing your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to create your user account and fill the form you will find inide with your personal information.

Through your account you will also access your meal plan and adjustments, instructions on how to follow it and communicate, replacements and progress record.


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