About Me

Hello! I'm Giancarlo Petaccia and I'm going to show you how to eat and change your life and your body forever.

For 20 years I worked as an entertainment host in Chile. I had the opportunity to host TV shows, radio shows, music festivals, events and more. That exposure and my love for sports led me to stay in shape and to be constantly taking care of my look and about the way I felt in order to transmit positive energy and well-being to everyone who saw me or listened to me every day. 


 Thus, I kept studying different exercise techniques, eating trends or dieting with which I managed to gain or lose weight, but I did not feel in my 100%. Many times I felt bloated or with little energy, tired or unwilling to embark on another diet that made me go hungry or unbalance my body.

Then I decided to deepen my knowledge and understand what to eat, how to eat and when to eat in order to achieve my goals. I studied General Nutrition and Sports Nutrition, I became a Health Coach, and I am still studying the relationship between food and health as well as constantly informing myself about the latest studies and techniques to feel good, look good and gain health.
In early 2017 I came to live in the United States where several friends and acquaintances began to contact me to help them with their food and healthy habits.

xSoon Petaccia Code was born and it became a success immediately!

Decode food, understand nutritional labels and what each component means; understand how, when and how much to eat and take this information to a personalized diet plan designed especially according to the macronutrients, calories, current status, tolerances and goals of each person is my motivation day by day. Like happiness and gratitude to all who have changed their lives with Codigo Petaccia.

And you, what are you waiting to change yours?